Foster's taxidermy
Trevor Foster
111 Wagon Trail Drive
Ogallala NE, 69153
These are the work benches that my father in law builds for me. I came up with an original and he took it and ran. As you can see there isn't much they can't do. There is a pull out with the v shaped racks for lifesize mounts. Just put them on their backs to sew. Easy to move them around, it sure beats laying on the floor looking up and sewing above your head. Plus the pull out with the board on it is for pedestal mounts with the rods or you can drill through the wood into your form. I will send more pics soon. Please do not hesitate to call me with questions about the bench. We have sold quite a few and everybody loves them. They do take some time to build so be ready for a six week wait. It is best to pick them up but they can be shipped at your expense. We have since added alot of extra parts to the bench. You can put up to four shoulder mounts per corner if you want. It sure makes it handy when air brushing. Plus we have made a condensed version, it is just two cabinets instead of four. I will get pics of it to add to the site. Please call for prices.