We all like to parade and show off our trophy, but to get a quality mount the skin has to get to me before bacteria starts to grow. I am not saying you cannot show off your trophy just use some common sense. Nebraska's weather as we all know changes by the hour. It seems like the last few years our fall has been pretty warm. It is very important to get the animal field dressed as soon as possible. Try not to drag your trophy as it can damage the hide and may cause you to have to purchase a new skin or cape for your trophy, thus adding to your taxidermy bill. Ultimately, how you treat your trophy prior to taking it to a taxidermist will determine the quality of mount you get to hang on your wall for the next 50 years.
It is very important to not salt your cape or skin unless you know absolutely how to flesh and turn the lips, eyes, and ears, removing all red meat and fat from the animal. If you skin your trophy keep it in a cool dry place, or freeze it until you can get it to a taxidermist. I prefer to cape your trophy for you if you can bring it to me. Out of state/country hunters have your guide skin your trophy for you, it should be included in your hunting package. I have seen some outfitters who do not like to skin and do a very tacky job. Keep in mind you paid for a hunt and that means you want to preserve that trophy. Pay close attention to the skinners and do not be afraid to ask questions. Nothing like dropping $6000.00 on a Canadian Moose or Bear and having the outfitter ruin your trophy. Trust me I have seen it more than once! Do not hesitate to call me with any questions you may have before leaving on your next adventure. Happy Hunting!
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