The Foster family spending time in our favorite place south of  Lewellen. We love spending time in the outdoors together.
My goal as a taxidermist is to give you a good quality mount in a reasonable amount of time. There are however alot of things that need to be done to acheive this. First and foremost a quality speciman is required, in otherwards I need your animals as fresh as possible. I give 100% on every mount and I do not play favorites. I do all the mounts in the order I receive them, so it's obvious that if you bring your animal first you will get it back quicker than someone who came to my shop after I already had 50 jobs in front of them. I love to hear your story and will take the same time with a new customer as I would with a repeat customer. I do not do birds and fish but can help you find somebody that will do it for you. I have been doing taxidermy since around 1985 give or take. I played around with it in high school and it just sort of stuck and here I am today still tinkering. I do work for Cabela's and have for about 12 years. In the past I did alot of work for Bass Pro Shops but have not done this for about 10 years or so. My specialty is game heads but I do alot of lifesize and pedestal work as well. I am trying to get out of rug work but give me a call and I can sure help you with it as well. I may send it out but we can discuss this when the time comes. Taxidermy has always been a passion and was intended as a hobby to make ends meet. As you can see it has turned into a full time job for me. I do have a real job as a radiology tech at Ogallala Community hospital. I take about 50-60 jobs a year so contact me asap after you harvest your animal or make arrangements before leaving for your big adventure. I want your mount to be of the highest quality as bad as you do, because in the end it is my name that is  attached to the work. I take great pride in the work I do and my reputation as a quality Taxidermist. I do spend alot of time with family so please be patient. If I have to forfeit the amount of time I get to spend with my wife and kids I just as well hang it up because life is too short to miss the little things and being with my family. In the end your mount will be beautiful, you will be satisfied, I will be satisfied and your wife you never speak to me again because her nik-naks keep getting moved to add the new mounts. Happy hunting, and remember if it is a trophy to you that's all that matters. It isn't always about being the largest antlered animal or the biggest skull on your bear or cat, it's about preserving the memory you may have spent with a loved one, or just the satisfaction of ending a difficult hunt with that hard earned animal.
Just some activities that we enjoy as a family, we are either on the bikes, or playing volleyball, shooting trap or hanging at the farm.
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Trevor Foster
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